SFDanceworks depends on the generosity of donors, whom we like to call investors. Our investors see a return on their donation in numerous ways. Supporting SFDanceworks not only allows us to fulfill our mission to present world class dancers and choreography, but also helps to keep the arts thriving in our community. You have an opportunity to invest in the future of the arts and help fulfill the vision of a high-caliber repertory dance company in the heart of San Francisco. Please consider investing in the future by making a donation today.

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Clicking above will direct you to make a donation through SFDanceworks' fiscal sponsor, Dancers' Group. All donations are tax-deductible.

Thank you to all donors of SFDanceworks' Season Two (as of June 12, 2017):

Angel Investor:
Larissa K. Roesch and Calder C. Roesch,
SFDanceworks Season Two Sponsor

Venture Capitalist:
Davidson Bidwell-Waite and Edwin A. Waite
Sally Glaser & David Bower
Susan & David Dossetter
Anne & Michelle Shonk
John and Christine Willig

Karen Bergman
Tawna & John Farmer
Brian & Rene Hollins
Sharon Mandell
Timothy P Streb & Myra Gamble

Gayle & Bob Anderson
Judy & Dave Anderson
EHS Pilates
Hiro Iwanaga
Pauline Roothman
Gary Ross
Paul Rowe & Michael Sereno
Christine Sherry
Marc Sinykin & Kevin Osinski
Julie & David Supan
Frederick Terman

Antoinette Chatton
John Kerns
Steve Merlo
Elizabeth Price
Carolyn Walker & Richard Kubelka

Chuck Alderete & Marcus Martel
Gilbert Berkeley
Edward Brown
Kelli and Steve Burrill
David Chase
Lynn Chenen
Sandi Covell
Joan Green
Annie Labe
Carol and Harry Louchheim
Harvey Lynch
David Lee Murphy
Judith Honig Pasquinelli
Rowan Paul
John Pierce
Adam Polakoff
The San Francisco Foundation (Rabine Family Fund)
Ellen Sandler
Timothy Schroeder & Peter Chandonnet
Susan Schwartz
Boris Shekhter
Gae and Mel Shulman
Carrie Simon
Adam Thaler
Suzanne Thornton
Laurie Tsuruda
Andrew & Genevieve Weeks
Carole Westrick
Burl Willes