Brett Conway and Danielle Rowe, photo by Andrew Weeks

Brett Conway and Danielle Rowe, photo by Andrew Weeks

SFDanceworks' third annual home season featured established works alongside world premieres.

Highlighting the program was world renowned Spanish choreographer Nacho Duato’s 1983 masterpiece “Jardi Tancat” with music by Maria del Mar Bonet.

James Sofranko (artistic director) offered Homing, a world premiere set to Franz Schubert impromptus played live by pianist Ronny Michael Greenberg, and Danielle Rowe’s (associate artistic director) The Old Child, was also a world premiere, featuring a commissioned score by Alton San Giovanni, played live by instrumentalist David Knight, member of the Warsaw based band Low Roar.  Penny Saunders presented Snap, reworked for SFDanceworks and originally made on Hubbard Street Dance Chicago, with music by Olafur Arnolds and Nils Frahm. 

SEAson Three Program:

Jardi Tancat

choreography: Nacho Duato
music: María Del Mar Bonet

Danielle Rowe world premiere

choreography: Danielle Rowe
music: Alton San Giovanni
musician: David Knight

James Sofranko world premiere

choreography: James Sofranko
music:  Franz Schubert
pianist:  Ronny Michael Greenberg


(originally created on Hubbard Street Dance Chicago, reworked for SFDanceworks)
choreography: Penny Saunders
music: Olafur Arnolds & Nils Frahm

Season Three sponsor:
Larissa K. Roesch and Calder C. Roesch

SFDanceworks Season Two, June 22-24, 2017

SFDanceworks' second home season, co-presented with the ODC Theater featured six distinct pieces, ranging from the works of influential master choreographers to world premieres from emerging artists.  Joining SFDanceworks was Pascal Molat, former principal dancer with the San Francisco Ballet, in a special presentation of José Limón's seminal solo work, Chaconne.

(US Premiere)
Choreography: Christopher Bruce, CBE
Music: Arvo Pärt

choreography: José Limón
music: J.S. Bach
Violinist: Rene Mandel
Dancer: Pascal Molat

Soir Bleu
choreography:  Penny Saunders
music: Paul Moore, Jacques Ammon, Nick Cave, Warren Ellis, and Daniel Hope

Never Was
choreography: Alejandro Cerrudo
music: henry Purcell, George frideric Handel

Two Dimes and a Nickel (world premiere)
choreography: James graham

For Pixie
choreography: Danielle Rowe
music: Nina Simone

SFDanceworks Season Two Sponsor:
Larissa K. Roesch and Calder C. Roesch

Inaugural Season, June 23-25, 2016

SFDanceworks debuted in 2016 with 3 sold out performances, featuring 5 works, including 3 world premieres, co-presented with the ODC Theater, San Francisco.  Click here to read the reviews.

The Inaugural Season program:

Adagio from Concerto Six Twenty-Two
choreography: Lar Lubovitch
music: W.A. Mozart

choreography: Alejandro Cerrudo
music: Davendra Banhart

Joe & Ida
(world premiere in conjunction with Grand Rapids Ballet)

choreography: Penny Saunders
music:  Gundermann, Michael Nyman, Kimya Dawson, Christos Hatzis, Thomas Ades, Anne Muller, Johnny Maddox

(world premiere)

choreography: Dana Genshaft
music: Max Richter

(world premiere)

choreography:  James Sofranko
music: Bob Crosby